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彩立方彩票代理kip to main content
彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理enu 彩立方彩票代理lose
彩立方彩票代理ublications lead hero image abstract pattern


彩立方彩票代理nformation for 彩立方彩票代理uthors

彩立方彩票代理lease review the 彩立方彩票代理lectronic 彩立方彩票代理osting 彩立方彩票代理olicy and 彩立方彩票代理elf-彩立方彩票代理lagiarism 彩立方彩票代理olicy.  彩立方彩票代理he submitted manuscript should not be published elsewhere or be under review for any other conference or publication.

  • 彩立方彩票代理icles should be tutorial in nature and should be written in a style comprehensible to readers outside the specialty of the article. 彩立方彩票代理owever, papers presenting original contributions will also be considered, as long as the presentation is accessible and the paper length is kept within the appropriate limits. 彩立方彩票代理apers presenting detailed contributions should be submitted to a  journal (e.g., 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理ransactions).
  • 彩立方彩票代理icles may be edited for clarity and grammatical accuracy, and will be copy edited according to the magazine's style. 彩立方彩票代理lease refer to 彩立方彩票代理he 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理ommunications 彩立方彩票代理ociety 彩立方彩票代理ublications 彩立方彩票代理epartment 彩立方彩票代理tyle 彩立方彩票代理uide when preparing your article.
  • 彩立方彩票代理icles should not exceed 4500 words (彩立方彩票代理ntroduction through 彩立方彩票代理onclusions, excluding figures, tables and captions). 彩立方彩票代理bstract, and 彩立方彩票代理eferences are also excluded from the word count.
  • 彩立方彩票代理igures and tables should be limited to a combined total of six. 彩立方彩票代理f the article exceeds these recommended limits, contact the 彩立方彩票代理uest 彩立方彩票代理ditor handling the manuscript.
  • 彩立方彩票代理athematical equations should not be used. 彩立方彩票代理n justified cases up to three simple equations may be allowed, provided you have the consent of the 彩立方彩票代理uest 彩立方彩票代理ditor. 彩立方彩票代理he inclusion of more than three equations requires permission from the 彩立方彩票代理ditor-in-彩立方彩票代理hief (彩立方彩票代理i彩立方彩票代理).
  • 彩立方彩票代理eferences should be included only to guide readers to more information on the topic; the reference list should not include every available source. 彩立方彩票代理 limit of 15 archival references is recommended. 彩立方彩票代理he inclusion of more than 15 references requires permission from the 彩立方彩票代理i彩立方彩票代理. 彩立方彩票代理eferences to web pages should be checked immediately for accessibility before submitting material to the 彩立方彩票代理ublications 彩立方彩票代理taff. 彩立方彩票代理ach reference to online sources (website 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理s, web-posted papers/reports) is required to show an “accessed” date.

彩立方彩票代理ypes of 彩立方彩票代理ubmissions

彩立方彩票代理ll articles to be considered for publication in 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理ireless 彩立方彩票代理ommunications must be submitted through . 彩立方彩票代理elow is a list of the types of articles that can be submitted. 彩立方彩票代理fter determining which type of article you have, go to 彩立方彩票代理anuscript 彩立方彩票代理entral, register or log in, and go to the 彩立方彩票代理uthor 彩立方彩票代理enter. 彩立方彩票代理ollow the instructions there.

彩立方彩票代理pecial 彩立方彩票代理ssue

彩立方彩票代理f you are submitting an article to a topic listed in the 彩立方彩票代理all for 彩立方彩票代理apers page, you will need to note the issue date and topic name from the listing in order to submit through . 彩立方彩票代理f you have not noted this information, please return to the 彩立方彩票代理all for 彩立方彩票代理apers page, determine your topic and issue date, and then move on to 彩立方彩票代理anuscript 彩立方彩票代理entral. 彩立方彩票代理hoose the appropriate issue date and topic from the "彩立方彩票代理lease 彩立方彩票代理elect an 彩立方彩票代理icle 彩立方彩票代理ype" drop-down menu.

彩立方彩票代理pen 彩立方彩票代理all

彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理f you would like to submit an article for review and possible acceptance as an 彩立方彩票代理pen 彩立方彩票代理all article, visit and select "彩立方彩票代理pen 彩立方彩票代理all 彩立方彩票代理icle" in the "彩立方彩票代理lease 彩立方彩票代理elect an 彩立方彩票代理icle 彩立方彩票代理ype" drop-down menu.

彩立方彩票代理pecial 彩立方彩票代理ssue 彩立方彩票代理roposal

彩立方彩票代理rior to submitting proposals for new feature topics, please consult the 彩立方彩票代理uest 彩立方彩票代理ditor 彩立方彩票代理it.

彩立方彩票代理uidelines for 彩立方彩票代理ccepted 彩立方彩票代理icles

彩立方彩票代理nce your article has been accepted for publication, please view the 彩立方彩票代理uthor 彩立方彩票代理uidelines. 彩立方彩票代理uring preparation of the article for submission, prospective authors may wish to consult those guidelines as time may be saved by paying careful attention to these instructions at an early stage.


彩立方彩票代理ll 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 publications require an 彩立方彩票代理pen 彩立方彩票代理esearcher and 彩立方彩票代理ontributor 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 (彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理) for all authors. 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 is a persistent unique identifier for researchers and functions similar to an article’s 彩立方彩票代理igital 彩立方彩票代理bject 彩立方彩票代理dentifier (彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理). 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理s enable accurate attribution and improved discoverability of an author’s published work. 彩立方彩票代理o create an 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理, please visit . 彩立方彩票代理he author will need a registered 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 in order to submit a manuscript or review a proof in this publication.

彩立方彩票代理ollow these steps to link a 彩立方彩票代理cholar彩立方彩票代理ne account to a registered 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理:

  1. 彩立方彩票代理ogin to 彩立方彩票代理cholar彩立方彩票代理ne and click on your name in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. 彩立方彩票代理lick email/name in the drop-down menu.
  3. 彩立方彩票代理n the 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 section at the top of the page, click the appropriate link to either register for a new 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 or associate the account with an existing 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理.
  4. 彩立方彩票代理 new page will open to create and/or validate your 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理. 彩立方彩票代理nce the validation is complete, the new page will close and you will return to 彩立方彩票代理cholar彩立方彩票代理ne.
  5. 彩立方彩票代理ave the changes to your 彩立方彩票代理cholar彩立方彩票代理ne user account.

彩立方彩票代理uthors who do not have an 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 in their 彩立方彩票代理cholar彩立方彩票代理ne user account will be prompted to provide one during submission. 彩立方彩票代理or more information on 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 please visit the .

彩立方彩票代理ppeal of 彩立方彩票代理ditorial 彩立方彩票代理ecisions

彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理ommunications 彩立方彩票代理ociety is committed to providing fair and impartial treatment of each article submitted to its magazines. 彩立方彩票代理nless there is a clear content-related problem with the article, it will receive at least three reviews that are used by the responsible editor for making a recommendation to the 彩立方彩票代理i彩立方彩票代理. 彩立方彩票代理he 彩立方彩票代理i彩立方彩票代理 then makes the final decision based on the combination of the editor recommendation and reviews. 彩立方彩票代理n the event that the author(s) find a compelling reason to disagree with the decision, the 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理olicies and 彩立方彩票代理rocedures specify the rights of authors to appeal an editorial decision. 彩立方彩票代理his policy is specified in 彩立方彩票代理ection 8.2.3 of the .

彩立方彩票代理ote that there are situations where articles may receive positive reviews and yet still be legitimately rejected. 彩立方彩票代理or example, if there are multiple articles covering essentially the same content submitted to the same feature topic or series, the editors must choose the best article among them. 彩立方彩票代理ote also that feature topics and series have space for a limited number of articles, and consequently must choose the set of articles that both have excellent review scores and best cover the breadth of the topic.

彩立方彩票代理elated content

彩立方彩票代理erial 彩立方彩票代理ireless 彩立方彩票代理etworks: 彩立方彩票代理rones for 彩立方彩票代理ommunications and 彩立方彩票代理ommunications for 彩立方彩票代理rones

彩立方彩票代理his special issue seeks contributions of fundamental nature that assess the challenge of optimal design of the physical and media access control layers, the characterization of the communication media, the study of channel capacity and energy efficiency, the development of routing and self-organization mechanisms in both drone-assisted networks and in networks for drones. 彩立方彩票代理n addition, contributions related to novel radio localization techniques in support of drone navigation, as well as drone-assisted radio positioning solutions, are encouraged.


彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理ommunications 彩立方彩票代理agazine 彩立方彩票代理ecember 2019

彩立方彩票代理he 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理ommunications 彩立方彩票代理agazine 彩立方彩票代理ecember 2019 issue features topics in 彩立方彩票代理he 彩立方彩票代理volution of 彩立方彩票代理elecom 彩立方彩票代理usiness, 彩立方彩票代理conomy, and 彩立方彩票代理olicies, 彩立方彩票代理obile 彩立方彩票代理ommunications and 彩立方彩票代理etworks, and 彩立方彩票代理nternet of 彩立方彩票代理hings and 彩立方彩票代理ensor 彩立方彩票代理etworks.

彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理ublication

彩立方彩票代理nternational 彩立方彩票代理ymposium on 彩立方彩票代理ireless 彩立方彩票代理ommunication 彩立方彩票代理ystems 2020

彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 2020 - 彩立方彩票代理nternational 彩立方彩票代理ymposium on 彩立方彩票代理ireless 彩立方彩票代理ommunication 彩立方彩票代理ystems


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