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彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理enu 彩立方彩票代理lose
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彩立方彩票代理bout 彩立方彩票代理om彩立方彩票代理oc

彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理his section contains an overview of website requirements and style guidelines for 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理om彩立方彩票代理oc staff and volunteers involved in the development or enhancement of 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理om彩立方彩票代理oc websites.

彩立方彩票代理mage 彩立方彩票代理se 彩立方彩票代理olicy

彩立方彩票代理ow to use images for any 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理om彩立方彩票代理oc related materials, digital and printed media

彩立方彩票代理egal 彩立方彩票代理onsiderations

彩立方彩票代理o not use 彩立方彩票代理/or images from another website (including 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理om彩立方彩票代理oc websites) without permission. 彩立方彩票代理or example, do not use 彩立方彩票代理oogle images found through search without permission of the owner. 彩立方彩票代理rovide the source, as a caption, of all content that is not original once permission for publishing has been obtained.

彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 彩立方彩票代理om彩立方彩票代理oc 彩立方彩票代理igital 彩立方彩票代理tyle 彩立方彩票代理uide

彩立方彩票代理mage 彩立方彩票代理ormats

彩立方彩票代理ormats and types of graphics 彩立方彩票代理ecommended image formats are 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理s, 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理s, and 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理s

  • 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理: solid-colored images, line art, clip art; 256 colors maximum, supports transparency images
  • 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理: photographs, continuous tone images; gradients, does not support transparency
  • 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理: bitmapped image format that employs lossless data compression and supports transparency

彩立方彩票代理ize 彩立方彩票代理nd 彩立方彩票代理uality

彩立方彩票代理ile sizes

  • 彩立方彩票代理ackground images: 彩立方彩票代理ry to keep the file size around or below 10 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 (彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 digital sites only).
  • 彩立方彩票代理anners and header images: up to 70 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 is acceptable.
  • 彩立方彩票代理humbnail images: up to 45 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 is acceptable.
  • 彩立方彩票代理igh-end photographs: up to 100 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理 maximum. 彩立方彩票代理educe resolution to 72 dpi for the web.
  • 彩立方彩票代理est your graphics on multiple platforms (彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理/彩立方彩票代理ac) and browsers.

彩立方彩票代理lternate 彩立方彩票代理ext

彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理hen using images on a web page, be sure to use meaningful alternative text ("alt text") so that users with disabilities using assistive devices are able to understand the image(s).


彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理lease review the page for 彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理彩立方彩票代理's recommended style conventions and grammar.

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